Clashindarroch snow report 29th Feb 2020

The early hours of Saturday brought a minor setback in the shape of rain and a brief rise in temperatures, which took the shine off the open hill and brought some loss of quality to the snow in the forest. However, by the time the first skiers arrived the temperature had dropped to plus 2, and by mid-afternoon the sky was blue, the tramlines were glazed and the snow was crisping nicely, ensuring there’ll be plenty of skiing available on Sunday.

A couple of trail notes: Short Cut has thinned out considerably, needing care in descent.

On Leids Leap the steep corners are smooth, thin and will probably be icy. An odd snow shower overnight wouldn’t go amiss.

The compacted snow in the car park turned to slush on Saturday. If there’s a frost, this could turn into rutted ice, but access to the front car park should be fine, just needing a little care. Thank you to the 4x4 drivers who parked in the back section on Saturday.

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