Clashindarroch snow report 6th Mar 2020

There has been relatively little loss of snow cover since last weekend, but the depth and quality on the trails themselves has suffered due to overnight frost, wear and tear, and lack of new snow. From the main entrance on Biathlon Way and beyond, along the Main Drag, the surfaces today were either “concrete” or ice, with any downhill gradients, however slight, being very fast. Untracked snow at the sides gave some respite. The same would apply to many of the busier trails, which makes the much better snow on the Haute Route somewhat challenging to get to. There is full cover and full depth on the Range. Beyond the thin and polished downhill at Telemark Twist (where the discretionary option is to inch down the rushy right-hand verge), the Main Drag has a short bare patch followed by thin and scratchy ice for a couple of hundred yards before slightly better cover appears. The descent at the start of Normans Way has a couple of bare patches and is effectively not skiable. Short Cut is thin but OK in ascent. It is likely that Leids Leap and Deer Track are even harder and faster in descent than they had become by last Sunday afternoon. Range Way is thin and would be difficult to descend under control at present. Milder temperatures are forecast for Saturday but we will have to wait and see what effect this has, especially if it rains as well. One fairly sure prediction is that the thin surfaces around the Hytti area will wear out fairly soon.

Sunday is the back-up date for the HNSC Open Championships. There will be an inspection on Saturday to see if it will be feasible to hold this event, which would necessarily be along a severely abbreviated course if it does go ahead.

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