Clashindarroch snow report 12 Feb 2020

After several false starts, today was the first day of the season at Clashindarroch, as far as “proper snow” is concerned. Happily, this avoids beating the record set in 2014 and 2016 for the latest recorded start, which was 13th February in both years. New snow did indeed arrive overnight, with the undisturbed depth in the car park increased to 13cm. On the trails, this was very unevenly distributed, due to the effects of wind and tree canopy. Some parts are still scratchy, for example, Telemark Twist and the descent at the start of Normans Way. Leids Leap is scratchy and scary on the steep stony section, but nice further down. The Haute Route has several wind-scoured sections at awkward places, but most can be bypassed in drifted snow in the ditch. On Herringbone Hill, care is needed as there is deep gullying, mainly on the right-hand side looking downhill. The trail is passable but narrower than before. Generally, the snow was slow today, but with the freeze overnight it’s likely to be considerably faster on Thursday. The car park will be rutted and icy on Thursday unless the snowplow pays a visit.

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