Previous Seasons Snow Reports 

Winter 2017/18 Reports


Clash report 11th April 2018


Although the trails are broken the cool night-time temperatures are helping to preserve the surviving stretches of snow. Indeed, today there was ice where the more vulnerable patches had thawed and re-frozen. There are still a number of long skiable sections on the trails and on the Timberline snowfield to suit the enthusiast willing to walk to get there. The Little Range is still 30% covered with adequate snow for instruction and a narrow strip survives on the Biathlon range itself.


PS: I think it's unlikely that any serious skier will want to ski the surviving stretches at the Clash, but the option for instruction on the limited area at the Little Range still exists if anyone has clients or courses in mind. The forecast suggests the cool conditions will continue for a few days before being replaced by seriously mild weather, whereupon any surviving snow will start to vanish rapidly. Any further reports from me will, therefore, be less frequent, unless the snow returns as it did last year and the year before.


Clash Snow Report 8th April 2018


The trails are now broken, the birds are singing, and woodpeckers hammering -- but despite the inexorable advance of spring, there is still snow to ski on if you don't mind a bit of a walk to get there. More usefully, a combination of last week's grooming and cold ground conditions has ensured the survival of a number of stretches of skiable snow, e.g. from the Little Range almost to Classic Start; most of Short Cut (entertaining); and (really good) the Summit Level of the Haute Route. Hedder Wye looked to have lots of snow where it joins Short Cut; and, although not visited today, there's every chance that La Glace will have long skiable stretches too. Most of the Timberline snowfield and Snowgoose is complete, with spring snow. And there's still enough snow on most of the Little Range and 20% of the (big) Range for instruction and training.   


Clash Snow Report 6th April 2018


After a slight frost overnight the skiing today was slick at 11 am, softening by midday. The skiable snow started 100m in from the entrance. The groomed trails remained in very good shape, and are sufficiently compacted to resist a certain amount of thawing. On the Main Drag the occasional gaps were short and just about bypassable, but by Saturday it may be a case of taking off the skis and walking a few paces. The bottom of Telemark Twist was becoming bare but was bypassable with a defined right turn needed onto rather rough snow. The usual nasty gap on the downhill at the start of Normans Way was easily skiable today without bypassing, although there's still a short, less alarming gap at the bottom of that downhill. Snowgoose and the Timberline snowfield were reported still to be complete today but no doubt the heather will become increasingly evident as the weekend continues. With no frost in prospect, the snow on all trails is likely to be soft in the mornings, becoming soggy in places through the day. The best advice is to arrive early and head for the Haute Route.


Clash report Thurs 5th April.
The main Clash trails were still good for skiing today but the warmer temperatures will start to take its toll. A vehicle has driven up Leids Leap to the mobile mast but it is still siable & the Wildcat option was still good. Hard to say what the skiing will be like at the weekend but there is a chance it may last.



Clash snow report Wednesday 4th April:


Nearly 10cm of new snow had arrived on the lower trails by midday, with reportedly almost 20cm of fresh on the Haute Route. Where there is old snow underneath, the snowpack beside the lower trails is over 20cm deep. The main trails were groomed this morning -- thanks, Peter, for some hard work in snow that was caking together and choking the roller. The groomed trails are satisfyingly fast.

It is inevitable that at this time of year there will still be thin patches here and there. The new snow makes it easier to bypass some of them on the verge.

While the prepared, compacted trails will last longest the forecast suggests that milder temperatures on and from Saturday will cause the quality of the snow to deteriorate. So for anyone wanting to enjoy some first-class late-season skiing in the forest, the advice is to get out there before the weekend or you'll miss it.