Huntly Nordic Sprints and Hill Climb


The Sprints being held at the center in May and September are part of the British and Scottish series of races. There are three races being run a Novice race, Hill course, and Knock-Out prints. 


ENTRY: £10.00 seniors / £5.00 juniors for each day

(+£3.00 each day if not members of an SSS/SSE or equivalent club)

Public Access

During the races, it must be emphasized that there will be limited access to the roller ski track. The grass areas of the park will be open to the public, however, can only be accessed from designated areas. 


It is kindly requested that all dogs are kept on a lead to prevent them running onto the race track.​

Please be aware that this event is not run by Aberdeenshire council or the centre, however, is supported by the centre. Any enquiries regarding the race please get in touch with the organisers at the Huntly Nordic Ski Club on the email below.