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Snow Report from Clashindarroch


Winter 2020/21

22nd January 2021

Fresh snow has fallen over night. The car park is only accessible with 4 x 4.  The trails are not groomed but plenty of snow fun to be had. The picture below was taken this morning.

17th January 2021

Snow is still good, with the main trails still complete. The lower trails started hard and icy, but softened during the day. There are some thinner patches on the lower trails. The upper trails are very good with several cm of soft snow over a hard base. Conditions were quite fast, especially on the downhills.

30th December 2020

Snow in carpark 1-2cm 

Fresh snow on icy base

Patchy in places best cover higher in the forest.

5th December 2020

Despite yesterday's optimism, there has been a significant thaw, with overnight rain, intermittent light rain during Saturday, and more in the forecast. The snow depth has reduced to around 5cm at all levels, and the burns and ditches have been running full of meltwater. Nonetheless, after a short walk in, it was possible to ski continuously today along the Main Drag with only occasional resort to the verge (e.g. the right-hand rushy verge of Telemark Twist), up Highland Fling, and back over the Haute Route to the top of Short Cut. Heading from there towards the phone mast, the cover was variable with some stretches having as much as 8cm and some unusually lacking in snow, due to the wind direction when the snow fell. With temperatures as high as 5 degrees, the skiing was slow due to the thaw conditions. This assisted a cautious descent of the upper part of Leids Leap with only an occasional scrape, but towards Deer Track it became a slushfest, this continuing down Deer Track itself. Among the trails which cannot be recommended because of the conditions are Range Way, Short Cut and the descent at the start of Normans Way. Unless there is an unexpected frost, the prospects for Sunday do not look ideal. Some snow should be available for those keen enough to look for it -- but not a day for new skis.

4th December 2020

Photo on the right.

In the Clashindarroch Forest snow is wet but skiable and the depth varies between 8 - 20cm. The temperature is 3 degrees. The road has been ploughed but is icy with slush. The carpark hasn't been ploughed but is accessible.

Saturday 7th March 2020
Snow Report from Clash
With warmer temperatures today, the snow has softened but there are much more extensive thin or bare stretches on all trails. There is still good cover on the Range and Little Range, with sufficient snow to ski out to the Biathlon Way/Classic Start junction and along most of Classic Start itself.

The options for Sunday's HNSC Open Championships are severely constrained. A decision is awaited. If the event does go ahead, the only feasible route will be about 1km in length.

6th March

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline


There has been relatively little loss of snow cover since last weekend, but the depth and quality on the trails themselves has suffered due to overnight frost, wear and tear, and lack of new snow. From the main entrance on Biathlon Way and beyond, along the Main Drag, the surfaces today were either “concrete” or ice, with any downhill gradients, however slight, being very fast. Untracked snow at the sides gave some respite. The same would apply to many of the busier trails, which makes the much better snow on the Haute Route somewhat challenging to get to. There is full cover and full depth on the Range. Beyond the thin and polished downhill at Telemark Twist (where the discretionary option is to inch down the rushy right-hand verge), the Main Drag has a short bare patch followed by thin and scratchy ice for a couple of hundred yards before slightly better cover appears. The descent at the start of Normans Way has a couple of bare patches and is effectively not skiable. Short Cut is thin but OK in ascent. It is likely that Leids Leap and Deer Track are even harder and faster in descent than they had become by last Sunday afternoon. Range Way is thin and would be difficult to descend under control at present. Milder temperatures are forecast for Saturday but we will have to wait and see what effect this has, especially if it rains as well. One fairly sure prediction is that the thin surfaces around the Hytti area will wear out fairly soon.


Sunday is the back-up date for the HNSC Open Championships. There will be an inspection on Saturday to see if it will be feasible to hold this event, which would necessarily be along a severely abbreviated course if it does go ahead. 

4th March 2020

Clashindarroch snow report

The overnight frost had held good snow cover in most areas. Uphill skiing was possible in almost all areas, with icy snow or ice in the bottom of compacted lanes. Pole tips could however be used successfully in all areas. Softened snow existed in sunny areas and hills not heavily snowploughed including the sides of tracks. Conditions were fast and downhills were to be treated with care as ice or hard packed icy snow were prevalent on all lower runs. Competent skills required for small gradients.

The entrance to the Hytti was very icy and hard. Great care should be taken on descent. Car park is bare with patches of hard snow and ice.

Still extensive snow cover for lots of skiing. Beware of fast downhills.

3rd March

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline

Snow cover is almost as good as on Sunday. Some downhills are fast and somewhat icy, e.g. Deer Track, Range Way, Telemark Twist. The Haute Route is in great condition, and Highland Fling appears to offer a smooth descent on good snow (I was going up). Descending Leids Leap is for the experts. The Main Drag (between Telemark Twist and Highland Fling) is thinning out but still useable.

1st March 2020

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline

A brilliant day, enjoyed by a big crowd. Car park had at least 40 vehicles by midday.

 An overnight frost and a dusting of fresh snow, replenished again at midday, improved conditions for Sunday. There was good skiing almost everywhere, though Range Way and Short Cut are wearing thin. By mid-afternoon the popular trails were smooth and much faster as temperatures dropped. Skiers on Leids Leap should beware of maintenance vehicle tracks on the mid and lower sections of the route, but the middle of trail is smooth and skiable for those who can cope with speed! It should remain cold for the week ahead, giving continued skiing opportunities, but more snow is needed to forestall a slow decline in conditions.

29th February 2020

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline


The early hours of Saturday brought a minor setback in the shape of rain and a brief rise in temperatures, which took the shine off the open hill and brought some loss of quality to the snow in the forest. However, by the time the first skiers arrived the temperature had dropped to plus 2, and by mid-afternoon the sky was blue, the tramlines were glazed and the snow was crisping nicely, ensuring there’ll be plenty of skiing available on Sunday. A couple of trail notes: Short Cut has thinned out considerably, needing care in descent. On Leids Leap the steep corners are smooth, thin and will probably be icy. An odd snow shower overnight wouldn’t go amiss.

The compacted snow in the car park turned to slush on Saturday. If there’s a frost, this could turn into rutted ice, but access to the front car park should be fine, just needing a little care. Thank you to the 4x4 drivers who parked in the back section on Saturday.

Thursday 27th February 2020, saw a couple of centimetres of fresh snow on top of the existing good cover. The main trails have cut tracks at the side and are in good shape. Lesser used trails such as Secret Passage can be a bit sticky due to the lack of a frozen base under the soft snow. It looks as if the weekend will bring a little rain and a little snow, but with plenty of good skiing on offer. There has been some drifting on the open hill above the forest, but the indications from a brief struggle on the slope beside Snowgoose are that the Timberline snowfield has not yet consolidated sufficiently to be skiable.

26th  Feb 2020

Tracks have been cut on the main 8.6km loop. Tracks haven't been cut on Short Cut or Wildcat because the snow is a bit thin at the top of these trails but the snow has been compacted with the snowmobile on both of them. Excellent skiing on all trails.

Proper snow!


Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline,

24th February 2020: At 1315hrs, the snow depth in the car park had reached 6cm, with snow falling at the rate of 2cm per hour. Temperature zero, and the snow was damp, with no sign of drifting. Trail conditions too sticky to ski! (wax wizards excepted). But in due course, conditions can only become better than any we've seen since last season, at least. As of lunchtime, the roads and car park had moderate snow, but travel conditions are of course subject to change.


A feast from the east...

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline, 21st February 2020

Very mild today, except where exposed to the wind. The remaining snow on the Range and Little Range has broken up into patches. Patches of ice survive on the way in from the road, and the ground has stayed semi-frozen. The effect should be that any new snow arriving when it turns cold again should stay. The question is, will there be enough to ski on? There's a helpful report from Telepine, with photos, on the Winterhighland Forum at,179040

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline, 17th February 2020:

No change since yesterday. Possible fresh dusting of snow on the Buck overnight with snowline at about 1800ft (well above Clashindarroch). In the forest the short surviving stretch of snow at La Glace is holding up well, but realistically we need more snow before one can say there's skiing at the Clash again. With a cool week forecast, let's hope for this.

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline, 16th February:
The trails were whitened overnight by a centimetre of fresh snow, but this was only enough to cover up the residual thin and icy patches left over from last week's modest snowfall. The new dusting will certainly have improved the Range, 30% of which already had reasonable surviving cover. With a generally cool forecast for the week ahead, and some modest amounts of snow included, there is some scope for optimism.

Clashindarroch Snow Report 9am Saturday 15th February

Snow icy and hard, should soften soon. Cover thin. Stadium area has better cover. Deer Track just passable. Weather at 9am drizzle, winds picking up.

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline, 14th February: A rise in temperature in the early hours brought a change to high winds, showers of rain and sleet, and sunny intervals. This morning there was still sufficient depth on trails near the Range, although by lunchtime the snow had softened and become slower. These conditions are likely to last into Saturday unless (a) there’s an overnight frost, which could speed things up, or (b) more rain or snow, with unpredictable results. More distant trails were generally not in good shape today, suffering from weather conditions and wear and tear, with some sections too thin to ski and parts of the Haute Route bare due to scouring by the wind.

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline, 13th February: The weather was settled and cold on Thursday, followed by temperatures well below freezing before midnight, enabling the snow cover to continue as reported on Wednesday; with somewhat better skiing due to the more popular trails becoming well tracked by skiers. There's ample snow on the Range, and good skiing on the "home trails" Biathlon Way, Classic Start, Range Way and Deer Track. Elsewhere on the system, some of the trails are scratchy; and on the Haute Route there are a number of scoured sections where one has to take to windblown snow in the ditch. With unsettled weather on the way, along with rain forecast for this morning, followed by some snow each day into next week, "subject to change" is probably an appropriate comment for the next few days.

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Snow report
After several false starts, today was the first day of the season at Clashindarroch, as far as “proper snow” is concerned. Happily, this avoids beating the record set in 2014 and 2016 for the latest recorded start, which was 13th February in both years. New snow did indeed arrive overnight, with the undisturbed depth in the car park increased to 13cm. On the trails this was very unevenly distributed, due to the effects of wind and tree canopy. Some parts are still scratchy, for example Telemark Twist and the descent at the start of Normans Way. Leids Leap is scratchy and scary on the steep stony section, but nice further down. The Haute Route has several wind scoured sections at awkward places, but most can be bypassed in drifted snow in the ditch. On Herringbone Hill, care is needed as there is deep gullying, mainly on the right hand side looking downhill. The trail is passable but narrower than before. Generally the snow was slow today, but with the freeze overnight it’s likely to be considerably faster on Thursday. The car park will be rutted and icy on Thursday unless the snowplough pays a visit.

Clash 4th Dec 2020.jpg

Clashindarroch 4th December 2020