Snow reports and latest news from the trails

Snow Report from Clashindarroch

Courtesy of HNSC


Winter 2019

Tuesday 17th December from Timberline:

The lower trails have up to 4cm of snow, sticky in places and scratchy in parts; probably much the same on the higher trails. Temperature during the day was plus 1 to plus 2, with a fine drizzle which may have turned to rain later. If there is an overnight freeze, the trails and car park will become very icy.

Friday 15th November:

Skiing not really advisable

Clashindarroch snow report from Timberline. With an overnight frost but no significant further snow, there was an icy crust, making uphills challenging and downhills alarming. Snow depths at midday were the same as on Thursday, i.e. 2-3cm, but 4cm on the Main Drag near the foot of Short Cut. In places there was little or no cover. Skiing was possible from 100 meters in from the entrance. The Range had full cover. Temperature reached plus 5. There is slush (or ice) in the car park, and on occasional stretches of the A941, which also has melt water which may freeze overnight. Overall, conditions are marginal and less than comfortable due to the icy crust.​

Clash Snow Report Monday 11th March:

5 - 10 cm of snow has fallen overnight on the trails.

Lower Trails are "Good"

Upper Trails are "Variable"

Clash Snow report Wednesday 20th Feb:


The warm weather has stripped most of the snow from the trails. The Range has 5% cover, the Little Range 10%. On the Haute Route, there are just over 100 metres of skiable snow in the usual place north of the phone mast -- a testament to the microclimate of "La Glace de Clash". This suggests there may be one or two similar lengths further along the Haute Route. Their survival for much longer is unlikely. We can only hope for a return to normality not too much later in the season!



Saturday 16th February


After walking in as far as the Hut, it is still possible to ski a length of 400 metres or so -- linking the Range, the Little Range, Biathlon Way, then left on Classic Start as far as the junction with Rollercoaster -- where the snow runs out. The snow this morning was firm, despite temperatures of plus 9 and springlike weather. There is 25% cover on the Range (about 10cm deep), 100% on the Little Range (about 15cm deep), while on the rest of the route the trail is generally wide but narrows to about 150mm in places. The big ramp from the Little Range down to the Range is skiable, but look out for the hard bump at the bottom! So it looks like there should still be sufficient snow, in reasonable condition, for serious practice, or just good fun, through Sunday. Although there is not enough for longer, continuous touring, those who don't mind some walking should find similar lengths of worthwhile skiing on the highest stretch of the Haute Route (from Barns of Haddoch northwards) and at "La Glace de Clash" which is on the Haute Route between the phone mast and the top of Short Cut -- although the top part of the steep descent north of the phone mast is probably bare for a short distance. It is quite remarkable that the snow has lasted this long, with daytime temperatures around plus 9 since Tuesday. The attached photo was taken late this morning.


Monday 11th February 2019


1-2cm of fresh snow on the lower trails, & up to 5cm on the upper trails, has covered the boilerplate conditions of yesterday giving some really nice skiing.


Clashindarroch Snow Report Saturday 9th February 2019


"Abundant snow" is still the appropriate description for Clashindarroch, though the snow lower down in Aberdeenshire has been disappearing fast. The trails have lost little if any snow despite recent milder conditions. There are tramlines to follow on most routes. The Haute Route today was crisp and firm. Lower trails had the occasional slushy tramline but the depth, compaction and temperature of the successive layers is helping to preserve the skiing. Off-trail adventuring has ample depth but the snow is not as firm as it might be, i.e. you may struggle in places! For Sunday, there is a top-up of new snow forecast for the afternoon. The car park will be icy, or slushy, wet, or all three at the same time.


Clash trails report Friday 8th February


Dancing on ice was the theme for the car park today, but a gloriously deep and kind layer of snow met skiers at the gate and this continued, with compacted trails bordered by forgiving soft snow on the verges. Despite rain showers the snow was holding up well. Off-trail the snow will probably be soft and rather heavy going, calling for regular swapping of trailbreaking duties.

So, the outlook for the weekend is for the abundant skiing to continue. It should not get too mild on Saturday, and a topping-up of snow is currently predicted for Sunday afternoon.


Clash Report 7th February 2019


The trails have been groomed double-width around the main Highland Fling-Haute Root loop. It is possible to skate but the track is groomed a bit narrower than I would usually like for skating in few short sections.


The temperatures were too warm & the snow still too soft & deep to venture over to Herringbone Hill but the tracks are well skied in this direction.


Still a great depth of snow in the forest and you can ski pretty much wherever you want.


A reminder about the Secret Clash tour on Saturday. Meet 10 am at Biathlon Range. Bring a packed lunch. Looking at the weather for Saturday we are more likely to be exploring in the shelter of the trees rather than the higher open moors. If you plan to come please let me know so I will leave without you or just turn up.


Although it has been milder today (plus 3-4), the superb snowpack is undiminished; 30cm on compacted trails, and 40-50cm of soft snow on the verges (very useful, that!). The tramlines were slick and a slight overnight frost ensured rapid acceleration. Short Cut is transforming itself into a sloping terrain park, with the bumps and dips magnified by dumps of snow coming off the trees, interspersed with potentially icy patches

 Clash Report 6th February 2019where trees have been dripping. There was a huge amount of snow on the trees along the Haute Route, which will probably be shed when it gets windy. There seems to be every prospect of the snowpack enduring, but the main feature in the forecast for the coming weekend will be high winds, along with some additional snowfall.

The snowpack on the open hill is somewhat variable. Areas exposed to the wind are relatively firm, and there may have been slight thaw/freeze effects where they are in the sun. Some areas are developing a thin breakable crust. In the shade, the snow has not consolidated and is hard work.



Clash Report Tues 5th Feb. 

2-5cm of snow fell on Monday covering the groomed trails. But with firm, groomed snow just beneath this fresh cover the skiing was good. The trails would benefit from another groom and if conditions allow we will try to do this in time for the weekend but I can't guarantee that will happen.



Clash snow report for Friday 1st February:

Well, the forecast proved right. It started snowing around 11 am and got progressively heavier. By 2.30pm there was 5cm of fresh snow in the car park and snowfall was continuing, with a further instalment forecast overnight. The A941 was fully white this afternoon and will be "interesting" on Saturday unless the plough comes through.

The car park this morning had been modified by traffic into a mini-mogul field. With all the new snow on top of that, it will be challenging on Saturday -- take a shovel for each passenger! The car park does sometimes get ploughed but this arrangement is separate from the ploughing of the A941 and only happens occasionally. Thank you to the 4x4 drivers who ventured into what Peter Thorn calls the "further reaches" of the car park today, allowing 2WD cars to use the more accessible front part. In the "further reaches" the hard-standing is beside the fence on the right as you go in.


Clash Trails report, Thur 31st Jan.

The trails have all been groomed and the skiing is excellent. A lot of people out skiing today.
I expect/hope the trails will be busy this weekend. Please park considerately, don't block the entrance and it really helps that those of you with 4-wheel drive vehicles park in the deeper reaches of the car park.



Snow report Wednesday 30th January:
A bluebird day at the Clash – minus 5 at the car park mid-morning, squeaky snow on the Haute Route, clear blue sky, white pillows of hills to the west – definitely the best day of the season so far. Another centimetre or two of powder landed overnight to add to the already excellent quality of the snow. Back down to earth, the downhill at the start of Normans Way still requires a shuffle down the left-hand verge to avoid the stones; but no serious issues reported from elsewhere. The snow cover on the trails is generally very good, and the skiers' tramlines even make it easy to double-pole up some of gentler gradients (as well as down them, of course). The Timberline snowfield still has to consolidate properly. It has a 20cm layer of snow on top of the heather, with some limited drifting giving extra depth in places. And the icing on the cake is that the great conditions seem set to last through the weekend and beyond, with maybe a further topping-up of snow on Saturday.



Monday 28th January


In contrast to Sunday’s miserable weather, conditions today were near perfect, with 5cm of powder overlying a frozen base consisting of the 10-day old thin base plus a thick layer of wet snow which froze on Sunday evening before the powder arrived. The result was effortless gliding on up to 14cm depth on the lower trails and up to 17cm on the Haute Route (see photo). As usual, tree canopy left the trail uncomfortably thin at the top of Telemark Twist (escape by using the edge of right-hand verge) and on the descent at the start of Norman’s Way (shuffle down the narrow left-hand verge – unconventional pole manoeuvres allowed!). The A941 from Rhynie has been ploughed and treated but the residual slush and ice have probably re-frozen by now.


And it's looking cold through to next Monday!



Photo: Haute Route from Mutiny Bend.


Snow report for Friday 25th January: 
The temperature rose abruptly overnight, as forecast, resulting in some loss of snow -- to the extent that the thin stretches have become noticeably longer -- but surviving lengths of worthwhile skiing could still be found today. Range Way had become as much green as white, but the Range itself retained its full cover. Detailed trail reports for today are probably irrelevant in view of the forecast. Generally, although thin, the base was well frozen until Thursday night, likewise the ground underneath, so there is a fair chance that much of this will last to give a foundation for the next snowfall. There's a lot of precipitation forecast for the weekend, turning to snow, so although conditions could be unpleasant, there will hopefully be something to be thankful for in due course. This should also mean a good dump of snow on the open hill.


Clash Report 17th January 2019


The overnight snowfall has deposited 5-8cm of good skiable snow at the Clash -- a wee bit thinner in places, as usual, and a wee bit more on parts of the Haute Route, which is a pleasure to ski. Care needed on the upper part of Telemark Twist and the descent at the start of Normans Way. There is ample snow at the Range. A beautiful winter day today with sun, snow on the trees, temperatures at or below freezing, and no wind. It looks as if the snow will stay. It would be nice if we were to get a shower now and again to keep it from getting too icy. The A941 from Rhynie has been ploughed but is icy.


Clash Report 28th October 2018

, gently steaming in full sun and perfectly still air. Although the trails softened in the midday sun, they were crisping up again by mid-afternoon. Anyone negotiating the green and white patchiness of Range Way should look out for the sudden acceleration where it emerges onto frozen snow at the junction with Biathlon Way! The Range had continuous cover.HaddochMore snow arrived overnight, giving 3-5cm depth generally on most trails, but with small gaps in the usual places. A frozen crust allowed good skiing, especially on the Haute Route. There was a topping of 9cm of snow on the rocks at Barns of

I'mHHaute Route from Mutiny Bend , Clashindarroch ,    28/01/2019

         Credit CH Miller HNSC

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